Sponsoring the NIT Patna Supra SAE team is an investment in the training of enthusiastic technical professionals of the future. This sponsorship is a human resources investment for the future. Students in this program use what is taught in the class room and apply it to real life situations. This allows team members develop skills and gain experience that is desirable in any working environment. Nearly every student that graduates with experience gained from being a part of this program has a job before they finish their last semester and many of these positions are with our sponsors. Experience is gained and skills are developed in the following areas.


    Gains for Our Sponsors

  • Opportunity to mentor developing engineers.
  • Positive publicity among the students of the institute which are future consumers.
  • Proud display of company’s logo on car and team member’s apparels.
  • Posters in Pit area.
  • Company’s name and logo on team’s website and facebook pages.
  • Full media exposure till the duration of the competition.
  • Networking opportunities.
  • Public exposure at all SUPRA SAE INDIA events.
  • Monetary sponsorship is fully tax deductible.
  • Download Sponsorship proposal here


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